Facebook: Oh - wanna see a woman's head being cut off? SHARE THE LINK!

Hey you guys! Yes yes, I know it’s been a while but some of us actually still go to see the world. If you want an update on what you’re missing: not much. Hint hint on the sarcasm. 

You know, just my fellow Filipino’s starving and the Philippine Government doing diddly-squat and DSWD be wasting relief goods and efforts of my brothers and sisters here in the Philippines by allowing fresh water to go to waste and edibles sitting there to rot. Thank the gods for other countries and they’re merciful and loving hearts, having to extend their help to the Philippines.
So. Onto pressing matters.

How many of you guys stay on the internet for far longer than you should? All those memes, all those videos and ohhhh all those nasty links you’ve to clear out from your history. Don’t worry guys. I’m not bashing you or anything, I’m only saying — you’ve got a fellow Internet junkie with you. I’ve been working on the internet (online article writing) for 3 years now, but for the first 2 years I’ve spent on the interwebs, I can tell you that I know a few things that may concern you.

Ever heard of murder videos such as 2 guys 1 hammer (it’s one of the most famous ones)? Great. Now, have you seen it? Not as awesome as you thought it to be, right? See… I’m a big fan of the gore, only when it’s in the movies cause I know that shit is fake. But when you see something so disgustingly real, you cringe and you never want to sleep again. Ever. I mean, cutting someone’s head off with a rusty knife, getting necks sliced open with a chainsaw – not to mention the continuous defiling of a already dead body and eating parts of the said corpse. 

Did I just make you sick?

Now can you fucking imagine if something like that popped up on your Facebook feeds?
YES. You heard me. Facebook. A place where people rant and cry and whine about their everyday dramatic life, begging for sympathy. I mean, we folks, children of the dark side of the internet; we spend 99.9 percent of our lives on Facebook just waiting for shit to happen. And guess what. It happened.

Now lemme get one thing straight. Shit like this don't fuckin' belong in social site like Facebook. It belongs in the deepest darkest pits of Satan. My dear friend here was probably curious and wanted to watch it, but apparently — you can't fuckin' watch it without SHARING the goddamn thing. 

It has the fucking audacity to ask "PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO THEN PRESS PLAY AGAIN". 

You know what? No. Fuck no. Out of my curiosity, I clicked on the link and wanted to see what the fuck or who the fuck was spreading this shit around and I came through this prompt. Facebook. Seriously? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

And then there's the comment section below it:

 And look at the 5th douche bag that actually responds with "Hahaha" motherfucker, if you were killed that way you wouldn't be fucking laughing now WOULD YOU? No. Cause you'd be dead. Jaysus Krist.

To clear things up you guys, I have seen this kind of video before. One of it being two men who's heads were being cut off with a chainsaw. I suggest, that if you're curious - please don't watch it. It's graphic, violent and all around disturbing. The world may not be a beautiful place full of rainbows and butterflies, but maybe it would be best if we pretended that it was so to spare what's left of your hope in humanity, intact. 

This is also on youtube, so if you want more information about it - I do condone going over there. I got this one off of Gamer74360HD's reaction video to the graphic video:

Google Plus Sucks
1 day ago (edited)
Bro I speak Spanish and I seen this video ages ago, the woman was in a rival drug cartel and the killer was a member of the Zetas drug cartel, he said in the beginning of the video, "this is what happens to everyone from the rival drug cartel on behalf of the Zetas" The woman must have felt she deserved it and was most likely witness and possible participant herself of similar acts on rival drug cartels, and this is most likely why she didn't resist. As if she knew she had it coming. Their is worse then this, I seen one where two guys get decapitated with a chainsaw for being in the Zetas by the gulf cartel, in that one the guys getting killed also didn't resist and just took it like champs.  All members of cartels deserve to die this way, they are the most evil people on earth after Zionist terrorist. I have no pity for any of them.

I don't know shit about this whole drug cartel business going on in Mexico and quite frankly — I don't want to know nor would want to even delve deeper into its anus. Everywhere in the world we get fed with these lies of a beautiful, peaceful life and in the end it gets smashed by the fact that shit like murder, rape, drugs, terrible Justin Bieber music actually Exists in this godforsaken world. What is my issue? Here's my goddamn issue:

FACEBOOK. WHAT THE FUCK?! Why do you allow this shit to be on your site, huh?! Are you going to start promoting decapitation videos on your shitty site now? First it was Timeline, then it was the constant changes in the design, the crap feature of having to see what the fuck your friends are doing with the help of the stalk bar on the right hand side of your computer screen, just last night - chat turned into a smartphone for me; and now THIS?! Just what the hell is going on? You got to Facebook to update friends on what you ate for dinner, not what you just watched or make people feel ill by allowing gore/murder videos like this shit by having this pop up on their feeds! Control the site for fuck sakes and block stuff like this from being posted.


Ranture: Welcome to The Red Wedding! Get Ready to Cry - Bitch!

Game of Thrones: Red Wedding (Dejan Delic ©2012, All Rights Reserved.)

Okay, maybe I’m a little late on this.
Maybe I shouldn’t have watched it in the first place.
Maybe I should have just stuck with Supernatural just so I can stop myself from ripping my eyebrows from my face and curling up in a ball by the corner of my fucking bedroom.

But no. No. Ever since Season 8 of Supernatural ended, I was left with nothing to do. Of course, I could have worked on something. Write a few articles, drawn a few characters – watch Adventure Time with my spoiled nephew [love him to bits, but he’s a goddamn pain the ass sometimes. Tough love.] – but then out of nowhere I decided: “Hm… Maybe I should watch Game of Thrones?”

Good and Bad idea.

Good: Because the damn series is fucking amazing.
Bad: Because I know I’m about to be screwed over.

I was fixed on Daenary’s. I wanted to know more about Breinne of Tarth. I’m a sucker for strong female characters. I love the underdogs. I fall in love with people who don’t exist! So why did I decide to watch something I know would just drop an axe on my non-existent cock? Because I love pain. I love the idea of a great story and I love a series that knows how to dangle their audience over a pit of lions with a string. If you’re looking for a great deal of baby curling time on a bed weeping for days in depression, this would be the right series for you. Because Game of Thrones isn’t just a series and it’s not just a book. It’s like sex for the mind, and with sex I mean it’s orgasmic – no sexual puns intended since the whole series love their nakey love makey time.

So okay, back to what I was suppose to rant about. I’m sure all of you who decided to read this whiney ass blog of moi has seen what’s coming.

“She’s going to talk about The Red Wedding, isn’t she?”

Goddamn right I am. I just watched Episode 9 of Season 3 last night and I have to be very honest with you; I’m still hung over. I feel like I just drank a whole bottle of whiskey mixed with tequila and I’m suffering for it. If you’re just reading this for kicks and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, get out of here and watch Game of Thrones. Then you’ll know what I’m so fucking depressed about.

I’m sure the book is even worse, but for now I’ll stick with the series.

Game of Thrones calls this: The Rains of Castemere. For those who don’t know the Rains of Castemere, this is a song written about the victory of Tywin Lannister over the house of Reyne of Castemere. Long story short, the Lannisters are bastards. All of them. Except for Tyrion because that imp is badass. This song was written as a reminder of what happens to those who cross the Lannisters. It is a song of death and destruction.

So Robb Stark was suppose to marry one of Lord Walder Frey’s daughters as a deal with the House of Stark to secure them a position for their rebellion against the Iron Throne. But Roby here fell in love with another woman namely Talisa and married her.

Robb apologizes and lo and behold, Walder was A Okay with it – or so it seemed. So in order for them to win against the Lannisters, Edmure was to wed one of Walders daughters. So the knot is tied and everyone is all happy and shit, drinking wine and listening to fine music.

I somehow knew something bad was going to happen because it all just seems too good to be fucking true. Good god was I right.

So when the knot was tied between Roslin and Edmure and they were carried off to their bedding ceremony [funny tradition, I would think] the doors are shut and THEN the song of death starts playing. Yep. The Rains of Castemere starts fucking playing and Catelyn starts feeling like some crazy shit is about to go down.
Walder Frey, AKA Argus Filch from Harry Freaking Potter, rises from his seat and goes: 

“Your grace, I feel I’ve been remised in my duties. I’ve given you meat and wine and music, but I haven’t shown you the hospitality that you deserve. My king has married and I owe my new queen a wedding gift!”

Catelyn looks over to Lord Bolton and suddenly the bells in her head starts chiming, slaps him across the face so hard he flew from his chair. And holy balls – this is where I gasped and just had my jaw drop open like a trap door at the sight of one of Lord Frey’s men, walk from behind Talisa and STABBED her in her pregnant belly over and over and fucking over. Robb gets shot by an arrow in the chest, he goes down. Catelyn gets shot in the back, she’s down.

THEN every fucking Frey soldier just joins in on a bloody goddamn feast and slaughters everyone in the room, cutting and gutting and whatever the fuck else happened. The men of the House of Stark are killed but Robb here, rises with arrows on sticking from his chest like erect nipples and crawls to his dead wife with a bloody tummy. Catelyn grabs Walder Frey’s young wife by the hair and yanks her out from under the table and goes:

 “Lord Walder. Lord Walder, ENOUGH. Let it end! Please. He is my son. My first son. Let him go and I swear we will forget this!” and says, “On my honor as a Stark, let him go. Or I will cut your wife’s throat!”

But Walder says: “I’ll find another…” SONUVABETCH.

Robb looks at his terrified mom and goes, “Mother..” and then this BASTARD Lord Bolton walks up to Robb and says; “The Lannisters sends their regards.” and stabs Robb. Robb falls on his knees, drops to the ground – he’s dead. Catelyn screams in despair, cuts the wife of Walder’s neck open and stands there for a few good seconds in a daze while one of Frey’s men walk up behind her, tilts her head back and cuts her neck. Catelyn falls forward, she’s dead.

They’re all BLOODY dead.

The Starks are going extinct! Of course, there’s still a few Stark children left – but the momma is dead, the papa is hanging out headless somewhere and the eldest son of Stark is laying beside the corpse of his dead pregnant wife; dead.

How did I react to all this? Well, I jaw dropped the moment the pregnant belly was being fucked by a silver dagger. I sat there and watched the whole bloody massacre unfold before me. And when Catelyn Stark was killed, a part of me just shriveled up and died. I watched the episode as Yumi and I ended it the episode as a different person. Every bit of good that was left in me just fucking died with the Starks. I wanted to cry but I was so emotionally frozen and damaged I didn’t have time for tears.

What did I learn from this whole event? Never – NEVER get attached to these characters because you know George R.R Martin will kill them. Am I still going to watch the series? Hell yes. Why? I still want to see Joffrey’s head on a fucking stake.

Kudos HBO. You’ve brought justice to The Red Wedding.

Ranture: Going to a Club? No.

I cannot remember the last time I've had any kind of fun in a club.

Let's be serious here. How many people have gotten into all kinds of shit because of clubs? Every time I hear club adventures, it always ends with:

"Long story short, I almost got shot."
"I almost got hit in the face."
"I woke up next to a woman." or worse for dudes: "I woke up next to a man."
And of course:
"I woke up drooling on the floor... In jail."

Yes yes. I get it. We all got our own ways to enjoy and unwind and have a little fun. But going to a club just to have some friends? By the time your night is over, you've probably have more enemies than you have friends. Someone will always be up on your face just because you brushed over their shoulder by accident going to a bathroom in a crowded fucking dance floor! When you just wanna fucking dance with your friends, a invisible hand grabs your ass and starts groping all over your bottom. Some guy will start grinding all over you or some mysterious drink appears on your table.

Chances are, that drink is drugged. No one ever buys you an expensive cocktail drink for free without something somethin' swimming in the depths of that fancy looking alcoholic beverage.

That cute guy winking by the bar and raising his glass to get your attention? He's probably planning on ways to get you alone and have his way with you.

Call me stupid or maybe I've just watched too many crime associated series on Fox, but Clubbing isn't really safe nor is it any fun. At least for me.

If someone asks me to go to a club for a date, hell no. It's not happening. That's the worse possible date I could ever imagine. So why do I hate clubbing? Here are the reasons, in no particular order:

ONE: I really hate alcohol. I don't like the taste of alcohol, I don't trust alcohol and I don't drink alcohol unless it's a special fucking occasion at home. Yes, I do drink on some days. The last time I drank something was in my sisters birthday and the last one after that, I drank because I couldn't get any fucking sleep.

Some people treat alcohol like a god to the point where they no longer have to be surprised that one day, they go to the pooper and find their liver floating on shitty water.

"Oh don't worry it's just my liver."

Whatever you choose to drink, I respect you. I really do. Because one to three bottles of beer is enough to get me drunk. Another thing is that, yes I might have a short fuse when I'm not even intoxicated - can you imagine what I'm like when I'm actually DRUNK?!

The last time someone pissed me off when I was drunk, I hit them in the face. Why? Because some guy was eyeing my sister and I didn't like it! If I can do that to a guy who was stripping my sister naked with his eyes, what more if he tried to strip my clothes off in his imagination? I'd wake up in jail for that, so no thank you.

TWO: It's too FUCKING loud in a club!

Friend 1: "Sosadasydtg asdasy asdasudywuhas asd?"
Me: "What?!"
Friend 2: "Seh dais, Sosadasydtg asdasy asdasudywuhas asd?"
Me: "WHAT?!"
Friend 1: "I SAID, WHAT. HAVE. YOU. BEEN. UP. TO?!"
Me: "Ohhhhhhh, what have I been up to?"
Friend 1 and 2: "WHAT?!"

This is why going on a date in a club is a bad idea for me because I can never have a good conversation while Skrillex is ripping on songs and the bass is just off the roof. Who in the fuck goes to a club to talk anyways? If I can't talk in a get together or a date or even just a friendly date, it's just not going to work with me. Plus, I don't like noise.

Fuck that shit, I'd rather stay in a library. Or a spa. I really like spas.

THREE: Too many fucking people. Or people fucking.

Going to the bathroom [especially for ladies.] is like a trudge in the motherfucking jungle through wild weeds and vines. It's dark so you don't know if you're about to step on someone's foot. And if you're lucky enough, you do step on someone's foot but they're too drunk to even feel a damn thing. And if unlucky, they're drunk and they feel it and you're about to get a temporary shade of violet, red and black eye shadow that'll last for a week.

"Oh wow! I like your make up this morning! Where'd you get it?"
"MO2, some girl gave it to me - it compliments my eyes, don't you think?"

Not only that, people actually get it on in the dark corners. They think you don't see them, but - you do. Like what the fuck - you can afford these high priced drinks and admission to the club; why not just get a private room and do the dew?

FOUR: Everyone thinks that just because you're in a club, you're looking for some happy time.

This is probably the top reason as to why I don't like going to a club. People who go to clubs are usually there to dance and drink the night away, but just because you're there to have a good dance show down with the amigas and amigos doesn't mean that everyone else around you has the same thing planned.

That dude that just gave you a free drink is actually planning on sitting with you and your girls in your table and ask if you want to 'get out of here.', if you get what I mean. Come on, what are we? In elementary? Things like this happen all the fucking time. It's not just with my friends but it has actually happened to me and my sisters as well.

So there you are, trying to enjoy the night in the company of your girls and suddenly this half baked, drunk ass, good for nothing asshole; comes over and asks if he can share the table or buy you a drink.

What the fuck?

No. No I don't want a drink because I hate drinking. I'm only here with my friends to actually bond with them because this is their thing. Worst of all, you think I'm playing hard to get because your stupid ass can't understand the language of Sarcasm.

So if you're going to a club and that really is your forte of enjoyment, then continue on doing so until you actually fall into some kind of problem that'll scar you for life. I'll stick to my books and my front porch drinking with a loaded shotgun waiting to shout at someone to 'GET OFF MY GODDAMN PROPERTY' - BAM!

Ranture: Bioshock Infinite Gamer Babble and Ending Explained

After so many months of waiting, Bioshock Infinite has made its way to the lives of many gamers all over the world. Bioshock has always been one of my most favorite games in gaming history because of the amazing world you get to immerse yourself into. You get to explore something extraordinary and it really does stick with you even after you’ve played it. You can tell that I am indeed a big Bioshock fan, because I have named my blog [almost] after the city underwater: Ranture. And even though there are no Big Daddies or Little Sisters in my blog, it’s filled with profanities and rants that some people hate and love all at the same time.

After a month of sitting here and watching many others play the game on Youtube, I decided maybe it’s time for me to write something about Bioshock Infinite! Seeing as to how many gamers were confused by the games ending, [as was I because there was just so much to take in a few minutes!] I decided to write down a few things – just to make it easier for others to understand. I might also find myself blabbering on about something so feel free to look over and ignore it.

BIOSHOCK INFINITE: Where are we and what have you done to RAPTURE?!

It was a year ago when I first came across the new Bioshock trailer. After having played the first two games, I was eager to know what Irrational Games [with a spiky chess piece behind itttt] had in store for us. Another trip down Rapture, maybe? I wouldn't mind that!

But lo and behold, my jaw dropped like a trap door at the sight of something unexpected! As the main character gets throw out the window, we see a city – not underwater – but floating in the sky!

At first I was like “WHOA! That is so fucking cool!” and then I was like, “WHOA! That is so fucking cool!”. I literally couldn’t get over it. Rapture was no more and here we were, in the City of Columbia floating in the motherfucking sky, being thrown out the window, flailing and grabbing onto a blimp, meeting a busty babe and falling to our end as the trailer goes to its classic [yet, still very dramatic] black screen.

Two things came into my mind after I watched it for over 5 times:

·        What happened to Rapture?

·         I’m going to hyperventilate when I play this game because I’m not good with heights.

Basically, the trailer was just a sneak peek to what we had in store for the new Bioshock game and it introduced to us the City of Columbia, Elizabeth and the goddamn Handyman. Aside from that, we also see a few things during the trailer as our character clings to a blimp that was luckily there to catch us before we plummeted to the ground. Posters were everywhere. One of which was a woman, dressed up like Wonder Woman, one arm holding a baby and the other extended to the side – towards another in a obvious act of rejection. This will make more sense in the game.

No more Rapture. Hello, Columbia! Some people weren’t so happy about this change. I came across a friend of mine who said that he felt like the game was no longer Bioshock because so much was taken away! Rapture, being one of em’. Posting a status about how beautiful Columbia was, he stated: “Not Rapture, not Bioshock.” and instantly my eyebrows shot UP so high I thought it disappeared under my hairline.

No matter how good your idea might be, there will always be people who’d go against it. Unlike my friend, I love change. Not being able to accept change stops your mind from ever expanding, growing, learning. Do I miss Rapture? Actually, no. We’ve had enough of Sebastian and his ghostly tunes of ‘Under the Sea’ for two games! I think it was wise that Columbia was made because now, I wasn’t scared of drowning – I was terrified of falling.

When I first watched a walkthrough on YouTube, I decided to settle for something without commentary [You can watch one on HassanAlHajry’s channel if commentary gaming annoy you.] so I could merge myself in the game without actually playing since my Xbox was busted. Now, because I already knew that the game takes place in Columbia and up the skies I wasn’t that amazed of the opening sequence to Columbia. I was, however, enchanted by mostly everything in Columbia. There’s just so much splendor in the new Bioshock game. The graphics, the design, the characters. I don’t know where to start! Of course, Ranture was a beautiful place even with its debris and its corpses – but Columbia? Columbia had taken the beauty of heaven and turned it into something that the living could reach. I have to say right now that I am a sucker for details. Either it be in the literary or visual arts, I instantly ogle at detail that ignorant people usually miss. Columbia and Rapture are two different places with two different themes and two very different worlds. A city in the sky and a city underwater. Where would you rather be?

THE ENDING: A Major WTF Explained

Many gamers whom had played Bioshock Infinite was left with their brains in mush when the game ended. “What the FUCK just happened?!” and believe me, I was left that way as well! However, after watching the ending twice and taking note of everything Elizabeth had been saying – I finally [FINALLY] understood what went down. The thing is, when you’re playing the game such as the Bioshock series, you have to pay attention to the story lines detail. Every little thing counts! Some gamers who pick up a voxophones in the game, never listen it because ‘OH fuck it’s too long!’ like Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented’s notes and its long ass paragraphs as well as story telling. This is definitely one thing you shouldn’t do in a game, because then – after you’ve gone through the game and have ended it, you sit there like a dumbass trying to figure out what in the world just happened.

I wish I could have went on with Snake’s [Lee Baker] Let’s Play because he pays so much attention to detail and gives out theories along with you. That’s one of the reasons why I’m a huge fan of the guy so check him out for his Commentaries [complete with screaming and theories and whatnots] and I have not once, ever been disappointed after years of watching him.

Check out his Let's Play with Crazy Commentary [SON]! Here:

Playlist: HERE

Here’s a quick run through to Bioshock Infinite’s story:

Booker Dewitt, the main protagonist of the story, is instructed to retrieve a girl named Elizabeth in order to settle his debt. He finds himself in Columbia after having been transported in the skies via Lighthouse Rocket and fights his way into the tower [after being marked the False Shepherd because of the brand “AD” on the back of his right hand] he finds Elizabeth [The Lamb]. This is where Booker finds out that Elizabeth is a special being as she has the power to create tears, which are doors to other worlds. The whole game moves around the escape of the two characters from Columbia to New York from the Song Bird [Elizabeth’s guardian] and the hands of Comstock [The Prophet] who cannot let go of Elizabeth as she is to be next in line to watch over Columbia and is said to be Comstock’s daughter.

After the death of Comstock in Booker’s hands, they fight their way through the rebellious Vox Populi [meaning 'Voice of the People'] army with the help of the Song Bird and destroys Elizabeth’s tower which gives her the power to create tears freely. Having lost control of the Song Bird, Elizabeth opens a tear to Rapture, killing the Song Bird in the process. This is where the truth is told to Booker Dewitt and in the end, chooses to be killed by the many Elizabeth’s of the many dimensions’ – thus ending the circle of Booker’s mission to retrieve his lost daughter, Anna from himself, Zachary Comstock.

It’s the ending that makes them wonder what the fuck just happened. If you can’t understand the ending, you can’t find yourself to love the game. So here are things I have taken note of to make it easier for confused Bioshock Infinite gamers.

Understanding the Ending of Bioshock Infinite:

Let’s first go to the ending of Bioshock Infinite. The very moment Elizabeth opens the tear that leads them to Rapture, [a great way to blow gamers minds!] she takes Booker down to the bathesphere – up to the surface where we see the familiar Lighthouse that leads us back down to Rapture: The City Underwater. However, when she opens to the lighthouse Door, we are greeted by the sight of many MANY lighthouses in the sea.

All these doors lead to a different dimension and in each dimension, there are Bookers and Elizabeths; all the same but different. Booker himself asks: “What are all these lighthouses?” and Elizabeth explains that there are ‘million and million of worlds. All different, all similar. Constants and Variables. There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city.’ Now, I know this is confusing – but don’t worry – I’ll get to that in a bit!

Elizabeth leads Booker to a door and finds himself in a place where he was once was, washing him away from sin ’20 years ago right after the Battle of Wounded Knee’. However, when the priest tries to baptize him – he fights his way out of the hands of the priest – denying it. After trying to get Elizabeth to take them to Paris and end the nightmare that rages through Bookers mind, Elizabeth refuses saying “Not until we find Comstock.” and with that, Booker reminds her that Comstock was killed however she corrects him saying that ‘He was here.’ and points to a door that leads to his old apartment.

This is where we meet a face we’ve seen in Columbia many many times before. Booker tells Elizabeth that Robert Lutece [‘Twin’ to Rosalind Lutece] was the man who hired him to take Elizabeth back to New York so he could wipe away the debt. But, when Robert had said ‘Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt’ Booker never realized that he wasn’t asking Booker to take Elizabeth from Columbia but was asking for Bookers baby girl, Anna. Without a choice, Booker gives Anna to Robert and disappears saying “The debts paid. Mr. Comstock washes you of all your sins.” and when Booker tries to follow, he finds himself in a boat with Elizabeth and the Lutece Twins [the very same man and woman who leads you to the lighthouse from the beginning of the game]. He further explains that he doesn’t remember giving away a baby to get rid of his debt and that he was asked to take Elizabeth back to New York as his mission in Columbia.

As she leads Booker up the very same lighthouse that Booker had gone to for his journey to Columbia, he asks her ‘What are we doing here? Comstocks dead.’ and Elizabeth tells him that Comstock isn’t dead, but is still alive in many different worlds. That the only way to kill Comstock is to kill him before he even existed. The door to the lighthouse is opened and we find Booker in an alley where a tear is open and Comstock holds baby Ana in his arms alongside Robert Lutece. When Booker tries to take Ana, Comstock refuses and there is a moment where a tug of war happens. Just as the door closes, Ana’s pinky finger gets caught and cut. This is where we realize that Elizabeth, is Anna; Booker Dewitts daughter.

Booker doesn’t remember this because as he was given a chance to redeem himself, Robert and Rosalind Lutece comes to Booker and gives him a chance for redemption. There’s a part in the game that goes ‘The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist.’ a theory created by Rosalind Lutece herself. This is exactly what Booker’s mind does to him. There was no man who ever told him to go to Columbia and take back Elizabeth. It was his mind that had created that very memory. After the scene in which he was taken by the Lutece twins and figures out he had created the memory himself [“The brain adapts.” Says Rosalind Lutece as she and her brother drag Booker to a boat that leads to the lighthouse for Columbia.] he awakens and states that they should kill Comstock, ‘Smother him in his crib.’ he tells Elizabeth so that the nightmare finally ends.

Before he opens the door to the dimension in which they were to find Comstock, Elizabeth asks him: “Are you sure this is what you want?” in reply, Booker replies ‘I have to. It’s the only way I can undo what I’ve done to you.’ and in surprise, he finds himself in front of a priest back 20 years ago when he ALMOST had a baptismal. When he asks Elizabeth ‘Why are we back here’ Elizabeth tells him that it wasn’t the same place as before. THEN many Elizabeths appear before him, all the same but somehow different. In one world, Booker comes and in others, he never returns.

If you don’t pay close attention to what the Elizabeth’s are saying, you will never understand this ending.

Elizabeth: “You chose to walk away. But in other oceans, you didn’t. You took the baptism. You were born again as a different man.” 
Booker: “Comstock.” 
Elizabeth: “It all has to end. To have never started. Not just in this world, but in ours.” 
Booker: “Smother him in the crib.” 
Elizabeth: “Smother. Before the choice is made. Before you are reborn.” 
Preacher: “And what name shall you take, my son?” 
Elizabeth: “He’s Zachary Comstock.” 
Other Elizabeth: “He’s Booker DeWitt.”Booker: “No… I’m both.”

And this is where the Elizabeth’s drown him. In his death, the Elizabeth’s disappear one by one; ending the game.

Hey. You still with me? GOOD. Now to the explaining:

  • What are Dimensions?
The dimensions play such a big role in the game. Dimensions are many places. The same world but with differences. There is more than just one world but there are million others and this other worlds are your dimensions. In each dimension, there is another YOU. Let’s say for example, in this world I chose to write this long Ranture update. But in another, I choose not to write it and spend it watching a movie instead. There might also be another dimension where Ranture doesn’t even exist! So many worlds, so many choices, so many chances and change. In this world, I might be a pottymouth but in another world, I’m like a hallmark card. In this world, you might be a man – but in another world, you might be a woman. Which comes to another idea of mine.

  • The Lutece Twins
Do you remember Rosalind Lutece? The woman who made the floating city possible? Now, do you remember Robert Lutece? Her ‘Twin’ brother? Nope. They’re not actually twins, but rather, each other from another world. They end each other’s sentences, they have the same ideas and of course twins can do this, but THIS is a game in which you can travel from one dimension to another.
Rosalind Lutece never had a brother. She didn’t have a sibling. She had thought of the possibility of another world and it was her intelligence that had allowed Columbia to float in the sky. With her brains and Comstock’s cash, Columbia was made. Robert is Rosalind from another dimension. Everything is possible in this game. Constants and Variables, remember?

  • The Mark of the False Shepherd
On your way to the tower where Elizabeth is held captive, you notice a sign that warns people of the false shepherd. A mark, that allows them to know who is the man that leads the Lamb astray. The AD on Booker’s hand is the mark itself. This was done right after Booker had lost his child as payment for his debt, his conscience eating him up inside and leaving him in ruins before the Lutece twins came and offered him a chance to redeem himself.

AD stands for Anna DeWitt.

  • Elizabeth
Before we even get to her in the game, she is locked up in the tower with a lot of warning signs to the workers. She’s being observed and hidden because she is a dangerous ‘specimen’ due to her ability to open tears. She can literally shove you in a different world in a middle of a war and get you killed. But who is Elizabeth, really? Is she Comstocks or Bookers daughter? Why did Comstock have to steal her away from Booker? How did she get the ability to open these doors to other worlds?

  1. First, let’s tackle the question on how she’s able to open these tears. Only Rosalind Lutece has the answer to this and this has something to do with the pinky she had lost when Booker and Comstock were fighting over Anna in a open tear. She says:
"What makes the girl different? I suspect it has less to do with what she is and more to do with what she's not. A small part of her remains from where she came. It would seem the universe does not like its peas with its porridge."

Another part of her remains from where she came.

It was that one accident that made Elizabeth great.

  1. Why did Comstock steal Anna from Booker? Well, this is because Comstock couldn’t produce a child. It was caused by the many times he had come in contact with the many technologies created by Rosalind Lutece that made him sterile as well as the fast aging that came down upon him.
But of all the children, why Anna/Elizabeth? Because technically, Anna is HIS daughter but from another universe where he isn’t sterile. He needed someone of his blood to take over once he had parted from the world to make sure that Columbia was in safe hands and because Booker and Comstock are the same person, but from different worlds who made different choices, Anna/Elizabeth was the only one who could take over when Comstock died. This answers the question “Is she Comstock or Bookers daughter?” so there’s no need to go into detail with that one.

  1. Who is Elizabeth? Elizabeth is Anna, Booker DeWitts daughter, whom he had sold to Comstock to wipe away his debt. Elizabeth is both Booker and Comstocks daughter. She is the Lamb of Columbia who [after DeWitt fails to bring her back in another world] reigns over the floating city in the sky. She can open/create tears to different worlds.

  • Comstock and Booker: How are they the same person?
This is the one question that many have asked. How can Comstock and Booker DeWitt be one person? Well, the answer was already given by Elizabeth during the ending sequence of Bioshock Infinite. It was also Booker who verified it.

Elizabeth: “You chose to walk away. But in other oceans, you didn’t. You took the baptism. You were born again as a different man.” 
Booker: “Comstock.”

You might think that the baptismal was nothing important, but to be honest and in respect to the story line of Bioshock Infinite; it was the most important part in the game because this is where Booker and Comstock became who they were.

Booker DeWitt

When Booker DeWitt walked away from the baptism to wash away all his sins from the Battle of Wounded Knee 20 years back, he remained as Booker. He had a child named Anna and had suffered because of all the memories of that war. He killed many innocent lives and he couldn’t cope with the feeling of regret. He became a Pinkerton Agent and soon [because of his extreme methods that the agency did not appreciate] became a private investigator. He was addicted to alcohol and gambling and states that because of this, he was indebted to people no one should mess with.

Because of the promise of washing away his debt, he hands over Anna DeWitt to Robert Lutece. This is where the circle begins.

Zachary Hale Comstock

In another universe, Booker DeWitt accepts the baptism and is born a new man. This man chose the name Zachary Hale Comstock. He became a religious man and became an important part in the United States Government. When he met Rosalind Lutece and held such an interest in her study of manipulating atoms through the Lutece Field and allowed the atom to float that he supported her. It was her intelligence as a physicist and his dream of a floating city in the sky that made Columbia possible.

Comstock saw only the Caucasians as the only race that was free [thus the reason why there is a great racial problem in Columbia. Made me sick to my stomach, actually.] and has even declared Abraham Lincoln a man whom had brought nothing to but death and war in America. He married Lady Comstock, one of his devotees but because of Zachary’s contact with the Luteces’ device he became sterile and was unable to have a child. This became a real problem because he believed that Columbia was only to fall into the hands of his bloodline. That’s where he chose to take the child of his alternate self from another dimension, which was Anna.

To cut the story short: The man who refused the baptism remained as Booker DeWitt. The man who accepted the baptismal was Booker DeWitt who became Zachary Hale Comstock. The same man who made two different choices in two different worlds.

  • How did killing Booker, kill Zachary Comstock?
You have to understand that Booker and Comstock, is one person. The only way Zachary Comstock could be killed was to have Booker die before he turned into Comstock which is why he had agreed to be ‘smothered’ in the waters when he accepted the baptismal in the hands of Elizabeth[s].

  • What happened to Elizabeth?
When she disappeared at the death of Booker the alternate Elizabeth’s died. Well, not really ‘Die’. More of like ‘She never existed’.


Do the math! If Zachary Comstock never existed, then there would be no one to support Rosalind/Ronald Lutece with their idea of a floating city. If no one supported Rosalind in her beliefs of a flying city, Columbia was never made. If Columbia was never made, Anna would have never been taken. And if Anna was never taken, she would have never turned into Elizabeth!

It’s a sad thought to think of. That the young lady who ran around Columbia with you, who dreamed of Paris, who danced in the beach and who’s personality was radiant and genuine – vanished. Gone. No more. When all the Comstock’s disappeared, so did Elizabeth and everything else that was connected to them both.

Instead, we have Anna. Anna who will never open tears, never experience Columbia and will never suffer in a tower alone. The ending clip where Booker walks into the nursery before the game completely finishes is the one hint that gamers are left with. We don’t hear a crying of a baby but we hear Booker calling out to Anna and before we can even see if she is indeed in the crib, the screen goes black.
Classic. Like Inception all over again.

So, summing it all up:

Booker and Comstock = same man, different choices and different worlds.
Anna and Elizabeth = same woman stolen from the same world where Booker dwells, just different names.
Rosalind and Robert Lutece = same people, different gender.
Booker = refused the baptismal and had Anna, gave her up to Comstock to settle his debt.
Comstock = took the baptismal, renamed himself from Booker DeWitt to Zachary Hale Comstock, cannot produce a child thus steals Anna and renames her as Elizabeth.

  • Killing Booker before he could emerge from the waters in the baptism, killed Comstock.
  • Killing Booker before he became Comstock, kills Elizabeth.
  • Killing Comstock, killed Columbia.

All in all, Bioshock: Infinite rocked my many worlds! Hopefully, it rocked your many worlds, too!

[I do NOT own any of the photo's presented in this blog entry! All photo's belong to its rightful owners.]

OMG I'm soooooooo Loyal

Titanic, A Walk to Remember, Shakespeare in Love, The Notebook and Dear John. 

What do all these movies have in common? If you guessed Romance, then DING DING DING! You're most absolutely correct! I'm not a fan of romantic movies for reasons that I think it's absolutely horrible. But I think I can say I've seen quite a few that was worth it. Like Moulin Rogue, where you never get what you want and He's Just Not That Into You where you get to see the different kind of ladies being stupid for loves sake. Truth is, love is the trickiest fucker that ever existed in human society. You think you have it, but you don't and well... Time to pull out the ice cream!

Never mind that though. I'm not here to talk about being heart broken or talk about how to get a guy to like you. I'm here to talk about a problem with romance. Oh you're heart leaps and you feel butterflies in your tummy. Oh he just texted you with something sweet like 'Hey wanna hang out this friday?' and get the idea that he's interested. 

Girls, calm your tits. He probably just want to talk about the new game that went out a few weeks ago and wants some advice about how to cook! 

Females like to over think things. God knows I used to do it too! But because I'm too fucking socially awkward and have no time to be goofing around with the bro's, I don't have opportunities to over think such things anymore. Which is great because now I over think how I can actually move up the ladder at work. But what really grinds my gears is how females have turned from simple ladies who should be worrying about life ahead in being professionals to secure their future, to rabid fangirls of romance who think that their romantic lives should be put out for the world to judge. 

PSSSST. No one likes to know what happened between you and your man in the bedroom! SHUT UP. 

So how do I know society is getting fucked as time goes by? There's this thing called Facebook where you get to see how people really are. If you want to know what goes on in a girls life, go look for her on Facebook. Add her and see the magic happen! You'll know if she's in a relationship, you'll know if she's pissed, if she just got out of bed, what clothes she wears, what kind of food she eats and what the fuck she's planning to do next after she wipes her ass. 

-pose in front of the mirror with phone- 'Goin out 2nite with mah gurls i luk like a mess lol' 

Okay, so what? So what if a girl likes to post her photo's on Facebook? So what if she likes to take pictures of her food? So what if she tells everyone that she just got laid or just went out with a guy friend and has a photo of her with his hands conveniently placed around her? So what, Yumi? 

You know, this would be great if said girl wasn't in a relationship with someone. This is exactly why girls are being called players now! And I'm not just talking about those who actually loyal in their relationship; I'm also talking about girls who aren't players and aren't in a relationship, yet we get called slutty dirty hoebags because of this fucking epidemic that so many girls spread around like the present times STD's. 

If you see a girl who acts like this, you know that she has no sense of respect for herself OR for her partner. And that's not all! Give her a few weeks in being a new relationship and she finds another. And don't even bother trying to defend her because if Facebook was a court, you'd lose your ass. She'll have tons of haters because of her continuous display of promiscuity. But why does this irk me so much? Because the younger generation is picking this up! I have a nephew in the age of 3 and he follows whatever Finn does in Adventure Time. Kids mimic what we grown ups do! And if they see you posing in front of the mirror in your underwear, they WILL follow! 

"Oh so it's okay for me to have 2 boyfriends at a time?"
"It's okay for me to post photo's of myself every few minutes in skimpy clothing?"
"It's okay for me to change my boyfriend after one week?"

No bitch. No. 

No it's not okay. Children should stick to Disney. I'm not talking about the new Disney, I'm talking about the Old Disney. Where female characters made more sense than real people. Stick to your books like Belle and don't give that handsome douchebag the V card just because he hunts things like Dean fucking Winchester. And children who read my blogs, kids - this is not for your innocent eyes. Cursing is bad. Get out and mow the lawn and stay away from pointy things, okay?

I might not be the perfect role model for younger people because I'm a glorious potty mouth, but I sure as hell know how to respect people and myself. 

Another thing that just pisses me off is they think that just because they're hated means they make others insecure. HUR DUR bitch, you got the wrong message just like everything else. One hater is okay, but if the whole community is against you; maybe you should think about what it is you're actually doing with your life. Set your priorities straight.

I get it. You want romance just as I want a perfectly cooked hamburger, but reality check here - we never get what we want! You have to work hard to earn. Do things fairly. Learn how to be secretive about things because being secretive is the shit. Life with a little mystery will move you away from misery. 

Do I respect people who do this? Obviously, no. Because this is not okay. You don't want trouble, then don't give people a reason to give you any trouble. The subject of Romance should be treated with respect and dignity. Romance is a beautiful thing. It's something that you shouldn't put in a box to give out to people who need it because they say giving is a good thing, but take it from me: Give it to people who earned it. So unless it's a goddamn marriage invitation, keep it where it should be: Away from prying eyes and societies vultures.

But if you like the attention, then please by all means, continue on making yourself like a dumbass who only wants the D.

Bayonetta: Supposed Powerful Witch to Piety Single Mother Stripper? You've Got to be Kidding Me!

I promised myself a year or so ago, that I would never post anything against anyone due to the fact that it does give you negative attention. Before reading on, I want everyone to know that I truly respect every opinion shared. However I just can’t help but make a blog post about a video I found today on Youtube by FeministFrequency. This has to be the second blog post I’ve made because of her. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a proud woman but I for some reason, can’t stand FeministFrequency. Maybe because I’m not a hard core feminist like herself.

Bayonetta is a third-person video game developed by Platinum Games for platforms Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in cooperation with Sega. The game was released on October 29 in the year of 2009 in Japan. The game itself may be familiar to you if you’ve played Devil May Cry because Bayonetta is the evolution of DMC, as stated by director Kamiya. The game revolves around the main character, Bayonetta who for the rest of the game, goes on a kick ass adventure to find out who she really is since being locked in a casket for decades had caused her to lose her memory. Bayonetta is a Umbran Witch who tries to unlock the secrets of her past with the help of her demon informant, Enzo. After the battle in Isla Del Sol, she discovers that she was a forbidden child of the Umbra Witch named Rosa and Balder who is the last of the Lumen Sages; thus causing the war between the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. To protect her, Jeanne, a Umbran Witch who appears to be her enemy around the beginning of the game [who is actually Cereza/Bayonetta's friend]; seals Bayonetta as she is believed to be one of the keys to revive Jubileus whom becomes the last boss in the game.

Bayonetta is indeed, one of my most favorite games alongside many others because we can’t deny that it’s a fun and exciting adventure. During the course of the game, I can’t help but see another video game character in Bayonetta named ‘Amaterasu’ aka ‘Ammy’ from the game, Okami. It makes sense because the very same genius was behind the game [Okami] itself. But heading towards FeministFrequency’s video post about Bayonetta.

First of all you need to know that FeministFrequency has a butt load of videos that talk about Feminist issues found not only in games, but also in books and movies. Her series ‘Tropes vs Women’ is all over Youtube with a good number of both supporters and critics. Most of these critics are men of course [surprise surprise] but I can’t really say that I’m a supporter myself because for every video she makes it appears that she finds ways to irk me. That’s saying much because I’m a woman who likes to think of herself a supporter of women’s rights.

During the intro to the video found on Youtube, she points out what the game is about and so on and so fort. When she comes to the point of the pros and cons of the game, she states that Bayonetta is a “single mother” as a pro. Nothing more. Because of this, I had come to a conclusion that FeministFrequency likes to make video game critics and talks about a video game without doing proper research or even playing it. Not only that, but she had looked over the other pros to Bayonetta. As a feminist, don’t you think it’s right for her to take every bit of Bayonetta for her pro’s? This one pro of hers was even incorrect! Bayonetta is not a single mother at all! The game makes you think of that possibility during the beginning as a young child named Cereza who looks like the spitting image of Bayonetta, comes around and starts calling our female protagonist “Mommy”. But as you go further into the game you find out that the little girl is actually the younger version of Bayonetta.

FeministFrequency makes Bayonetta look and sound more like a cheap pole dancer who laid with one man, had a kid, and moved on to live her life as a single mom. She doesn’t even state that Bayonetta is a strong heroic figure who continuously saves peoples hides with a playful, charismatic, confident nature. She doesn’t say anything about how powerful Bayonetta really is or how amazingly unique her character design is. Talk about missing the positive in a character. Though Bayonetta appears and acts playfully promiscuous, we can’t forget that she’s a witch and it’s clearly part of her character to be that way wither Anita [FeministFrequency] likes it or not. Though Bayonetta’s behavior isn’t as saintly as she wants her to be, she’s a classy woman who pokes fun in a sensual manner. All that hard work by designers and writers, by overlooked by Anita! Some of her videos do make sense to me but this one just infuriates me to the point that I have to post a blog about it because I just can’t get her words out of my head.  

One of Bayonetta’s special ‘attacks’ involve something called a ‘Wicked Weave’ where her hair becomes a deadly weapon. Our beloved Feminist mentions this of course, saying “But it gets even better because one of her most powerful weapon involves her stripping all her clothes off and turning her hair into an evil demon weapon fighting machine.” And goes on saying “Did you get that? The whole taking all her clothes off in order to use her hair as a weapon? Because clearly you can’t use your hair to drag demons down to hell if you’re fully clothed.”

There are two [or three, actually] things that are absolutely false about her statement.

One is the fact that Bayonetta does not fight against demons but rather summons them. She fights against Angels. Another mistake made by FeministFrequency. Bayonetta is in pact with the demons. She fights and kills the angels as sacrifice to stop the demons from dragging her to hell. Why on earth would she be in cahoots with a demon if she was killing Enzo’s kind?  

Another is that Bayonetta isn’t completely naked when she uses her Wicked Weave attacks. She appears to be naked, but actually isn’t. I’ve noticed this during the course of my gaming experience. You can clearly see during her closing dance act that her ‘sensitive parts’ are actually covered by certain materials.

And lastly, Bayonetta’s nakedness IS part of the magic trick because her clothing is her hair! You can clearly make this out around the hanging material by her arms as it appears to look very much like hair [because it is, hair]. And when you look close enough around her shoulders, her hair sticks to her person creating and sticking like accessories to the start to her leathery clothing. Has she not noticed how the hair doesn’t drop to her back even though it’s so obvious that Bayonetta has mad long locks? Maybe FeministFrequency didn’t have enough time to appreciate her design at all and dismissed the possibility that she’s clothed in her own hair. If she did enough research she would also find out that witches were believed to gather their power from their hair. That’s where the game has gotten the idea from!

I’m shaking my head and giving an exasperated sigh as I write this because it’s so obvious that Anita had missed the most important parts of the game that is Bayonetta. She goes on for the rest of the video mentioning the naughty advertising of the game in a station, the number of harassments in Japan and the creation of the ‘women only’ carts because of the continuous groping and harassing that happened during travels via train and appears to be saying that Bayonetta [or the advert for it at least] has encouraged men to strip women and harass them.

Facepalm here.

It might be true that the men of today are getting a little out of hand with… Uh… their hands; but to be fair, men will always be men and women will always appear to be an object of desire no matter how classy or promiscuous, half naked or fully clothed females are. I’ve already discussed this issue on my last blog entry so I don’t see the point of me repeating myself. Plus, Bayonetta is a fictional character and she is in no way like the women of today. Umbran Witches like her are a dime a dozen and obviously non-existent. Plus, not all men would look at Bayonetta’s ad and strip the next woman he see’s. Come on, FeministFrequency. 

Give the guys a break! Just as some women don’t think like you, not all men think the way you think they do. Though Anita’s point is taken, I just wished she would have done more research like most bloggers and vloggers do. That way, she’d avoid being humiliated – thus the reason why she had deleted the Bayonetta video she created.